A beautiful wedding in Wilmington by Errol E Photography LLC

On a gorgeous winter day in Wilmington, DE, Dwight and Kennisha were married at Ebenezer Baptist Church and had a beautiful reception at The Waterfall Catering and Special Events.

The newlyweds were surrounded by stunning views of the waterfall reception, family, and friends. Their love, much like their beautiful wedding cake, was displayed for all to see and admire.

When a beautiful couple says I do. 

When a beautiful couple says I do. 

Kennisha and Dwight, my heart overflows with love for you both. You are the type of people who make the world better, inspire others, and believe staggering odds are simply an opportunity to shine.


Your love makes others want to support you in deep and profound ways, and I’m honored to have documented your first day as husband and wife.

Errol Ebanks1-5-2018Kenneisha Butcher, Dwight Whitaker1111-EDIT.jpg

I am thankful to have been invited into your lives, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both! Much Love and Appreciation...ERROL E.

Can you capture beautiful imagery on an iPhone? YES! by Errol E Photography LLC

Every Moment Deserves A Better Picture and Every Great Picture Tells A Better Story
— Errol Ebanks

Being a photographer for 15 plus years is an achievement in itself. Whether it is photographing a client, event, or personal inspiration I always try to take a photo every day. Now would I love to have my big camera and lenses and lighting with me 24/7? Of course! But… keeping track of that and the weight is no easy feat. So I tend to go to the camera that’s always on me 24/7, and that’s my trusty iPhone.

I know camera sensors on the iPhone can’t match a big DSLR. But it's not the equipment that makes the photographer, it’s the eye. So one thing is to keep taking photos.

If we thought that having big equipment would mean having great photos, then there would be no Ansel Adams, Dan Chung, and Alex Majoli just to name a few.

Using just window light and a little bit of patience's can make a big difference getting a dramatic shot like this. 

Using just window light and a little bit of patience's can make a big difference getting a dramatic shot like this. 

Taking the best shots means compositions, like rules of thirds, lighting, and a slight touch of digital darkroom processing… NO kids I don’t mean Instagram filters.

The best way is to capture those moments around you. Because every moment deserves a better picture and every great picture tells a better story.

An urban oasis known as Graffiti Alley in Baltimore. by Errol E Photography LLC

2017-08-05 05.18.34 1.jpg

One of the most interesting parts of Baltimore is Graffiti Alley. Myself I have never heard of this grunge artistic urban haven called Graffiti Alley. Seeing Graffiti Alley brought back memories of seeing urban artist in NYC creating  art masterpieces.

But I wouldn’t have known about this hidden gem if it wasn’t for Brina of Unveil Filmzs. Not only does she know the great sites around the Baltimore area but she is a great film editor as well. We discussed one day of going to this place to just see what it is like and take some shots around, but little did I know I would fall in love with this alley.

We wasn’t there alone as other artist and people alike would be photographing, filming, shooting a music video or just taking it in. It's one breathtaking place to see. If you ever travel to this beautiful destination , take it in and maybe just maybe find a can of inspiration.

Miss Delaware Teen USA and Miss Delaware USA final competition. by Errol E Photography LLC

It all started on November 26th, 2017 at the Double Tree hotel in Wilmington, Delaware. Being a photographer covering events, you never know what to expect. But boy did I know I will see some amazing dresses, beautiful faces, great friends and many more.

Miss Universe Banner

Miss Universe Banner

I was able to meet up with the then current Miss Delaware USA 2017 winner Mia Jones. I knew it would be a great honor to capture her handing over the title to the new Miss Delaware USA 2018 winner, but I knew I was watching someone that I knew for the past 7 years blossom into a beautiful, young, and empowering lady.

Miss Delaware USA 2017 Mia Jones poses and greets a cute little fan before the show starts.

As I sat down I began to think of all the photoshoots I’ve done with not just Mia, but other contestants like Tierra, Kai, Maria, and many more. I was just grateful getting this opportunity thanks to Mia to showcase what I can do. So as the lights dim down I began to have a chat with Mrs. Jones and other family members and friends of theirs.

As I cued up my camera and flash, I got a tap on the shoulder no flash photography. Ah yes those dreaded words in a darkroom. You only hope and pray there would be enough light. And oh boy yes there was, beautiful light that shined a spotlight on each contestant.

The first round of contestants for the Miss Delaware Teen USA and Miss Delaware USA 2018 competition.

The contestants wore dresses from near and far, some from other countries and some from local boutiques like Cecile Boutique. The crowd was in awe of not just the dresses but the way each lady addressed different topics of discussions that goes on in the world and society.

Mia takes the lead to usher in the new contestants.

KYW3 Philly Jim Donovan MC’s the Competition.

Each contestant shined through and through with there stunning dresses but also there personalities. They all had a winning quality about them. Showcasing that no matter who you are, you can be anything and do anything. Being able to be on that stage in front of a packed house is no easy feat.

Miss Delaware & Miss Teen Delaware USA 2018 contestants walk the stage and gets greeted by Miss Delaware USA 2017 Mia Jones and Miss Delaware Teen USA 2017 Grace Lange.

As Miss Delaware USA 2017 Mia Jones and Miss Delaware Teen USA 2017 Grace Lange grace the stage you can only think of what emotions are going through there mind. Maybe its thinking about the journey that got them their. Those hours of helping in the community, those late nights practicing what to say for the final speech, helping others achieve their dreams and many more.

Mia and Grace final walk and Miss Delaware USA and Miss Delaware Teen USA.

The contestants discussed many social issues that is the topic of discussion in our society. They took the time answering hard and sometimes uneasy questions, but they did it with class.

Miss Delaware USA 2018 Contestant Alyssa.

Miss Delaware USA 2018 Contestant Alyssa.

Mia and Grace poses and does a secret handshake.

Now the moment we been waiting for the final contestants to the Miss Delaware and Delaware Teen USA competition. As I was photographing, I could only imagine what that would have been like. Those final moments of will i win, will i lose, don’t fall. That would have been running through my head. But all the ladies who competed win, loose, or draw took it in stride and made a winning story. That girls can compete in this world, for its not about wins and losses, its about the journey that gets you to the stage.

Kai and Brynn gives each other support and congratulations.

Winner of the 2018 Miss Delaware Teen USA Brynn Close given the crown by Grace Lange.

Winner of the 2018 Miss Delaware Teen USA Brynn Close given the crown by Grace Lange.

As they announce the winner of Miss Delaware Teen USA 2018, their was just one more announcement and that’s the Miss Delaware USA 2018. The crowd held their breath on who will be crowned Miss Delaware USA 2018.

Sierra and Alyssa gives encouraging and supporting words as one is crowned Miss Delaware USA 2018.

As they gave the dramatic drumroll, I took notice of everyone on stage from contestants, runner ups, and soon to be winners. They all felt like they are part of a sisterhood. Empowering and strong women who gave their all, showcased no matter what background, social, race, or economic class you come from, all things are possible. That crown I feel is not just a sparkle of jewelry, but each diamond represents a star that made it to the stage and to be held upright by all the women. For each diamond I feel represents someone who took the chance to compete.

2018 Miss Delaware USA Sierra Wright and Miss Delaware Teen USA Brynn Close.