An urban oasis known as Graffiti Alley in Baltimore.

2017-08-05 05.18.34 1.jpg

One of the most interesting parts of Baltimore is Graffiti Alley. Myself I have never heard of this grunge artistic urban haven called Graffiti Alley. Seeing Graffiti Alley brought back memories of seeing urban artist in NYC creating  art masterpieces.

But I wouldn’t have known about this hidden gem if it wasn’t for Brina of Unveil Filmzs. Not only does she know the great sites around the Baltimore area but she is a great film editor as well. We discussed one day of going to this place to just see what it is like and take some shots around, but little did I know I would fall in love with this alley.

We wasn’t there alone as other artist and people alike would be photographing, filming, shooting a music video or just taking it in. It's one breathtaking place to see. If you ever travel to this beautiful destination , take it in and maybe just maybe find a can of inspiration.